About Small Groups

Our Small Groups are usually made up of between 6 and 12 people who meet together weekly or fortnightly.  As a group, they help each other to live the Christian life in a more intimate way than is possible when we meet together as a larger group on a Sunday.

These groups are intended to be "God's people in a given place, designed to impact that area." This means they are not 'added on' to the Church, but are the Church in a given location; living out what it means to be the Church in that area. This means that groups: worship: thanking God for who He is, and all He does for us; share fellowship: experiencing love, care and deepening Christian relationships in the group; grow in discipelship: learning, from the Bible and from each other, how to live the Christian life; minister: being the place where the gifts that God gives to His people are discovered, developed and used; reach out: having the expectation that group will grow and multiply, so that the church grows. Groups are given a 'fishing licence' to try to add new members to their number.

Small Groups are the place where we learn to be the Church. They are not for 'super-Christians'  - although they are welcome too(!) - but for ordinary people who want to discover more of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Being part of a group is a great privilege, but also carries a responsibility to other members of the group. Groups meet at different times, in different locations throughout the week and are listed, with their leaders, on the boards in our worship centres.

If you would like to be part of a group - check the panels above to see what groups are currently available - please contact Tim Britton, our Small Groups coordinator, to discuss which group would be the most appropriate for you, or speak directly to any of the Small Group leaders; they would love to hear from you!