"One More Step"

WelcomeWelcome to "One More Step", our Summer Exhibition for 2017.

Life has often been likened to a journey and, whether we like it or not, it's a journey with a defininte beginning and - at least as far as our life on earth is concerned - has a defininte end.

This year's Summer Exhibition explores aspects of that journey.  Using words and pictures, it invites those who visit the Parish Church to learn about the journeys that others have made, and to reflect on their own.

We're delighted that you've come to explore this online version of the exhibition.  Take time to explore each board, using the tabs below, and use the words, images and ideas as prompts for your own reflections and prayers.

If you happen to be in Cromer, why not pop in to the Parish Church, explore the exhibition and our wonderful building for real and join in with what you find going on there? You're always welcome!


Step 1


What's your journey like at the moment?  What's driving you on... or holding you back?

What might help you to speed up... or slow down?

Who or what could help you make a better, more fulfilling journey today... tomorrow... this week... this year?

Pause for thought or prayer, using the words and images to help you reflect.


Board 1 - Title      
Board 1 Image 1 Board 1 Text 7 board 1 image 3 Board 1 Text 5
Board 1 Text 8 board 1 image 8 Board 1 Text 3 Board 1 Image 5
Board 1 Image 2 Board 1 Text 6 Board 1 Image 6 Board 1 Text 1
Board 1 Text 4 Board 1 Image 7 Board 1 Text 2 board 1 image 4