Mission Partner Monthly Prayer Requests

We support nine Mission Partners:

  • Michelle Proctor, working with Serving in Mission (SIM) at Mukinge Hospital in Zambia
  • The Canaan Christian Centre in Sheringham
  • Tearfund
  • Sara Prior-Sanderson (CMS)
  • Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS), our patron
  • London City Mission
  • Cromer Scripture Union Beach Mission
  • Andrew and Maria Leake working with CMS in Argentina and with Compassion
  • Prison Fellowship and Reflex
  • Bible Society

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CPAS (Church Pastoral Aid Society)

This month, praise God:

  • for all the permanent staff of CPAS, for their hard work and commitment to serving the Church in the UK and Ireland.

Please pray:

  • for John Dunnett in his role as General Director of CPAS, Graham Archer-Director of Ministry, and Caroline Davenport, their PA;
  • for the leadership team, headed by James Lawrence, as it resources, organises and trains church leaders;
  • for John Fisher, Patronage Secretary, and his PA Kathy Burch, as they help appoint and support clergy in CPAS patronage churches;
  • for the Ventures and Falcon camps team, headed by Tim Friend, as it plans and prepares for this year's holidays;
  • for the supporter relations team, led by Olly Du Croz, as it encourages local churches in their support of CPAS.

London City Mission

This month, please pray:

  • for God's love to fill all missionaries sharing the Gospel with London's neediest people;
  • for missionaries working among people of other faiths, to share Jesus wisely and for those facing fierce opposition to the Gospel;
  • for schools workers sensitively to make Bible teaching exciting and convincing;
  • for more Churches to partner with LCM;
  • for the young Mission Pioneers to grow in their faith and develop evangelistic skills;
  • for the missionaries visiting Cromer Church on 11th June.

Cromer Scripture Union Beach Mission

This month, please pray:

  • for Mission 2017, which runs from 19th - 27th August;
  • for Hannah Beal, Mission Leader, and all those who will volunteer to serve on the team this summer;
  • for the local Support Group;
  • for Scripture Union, especially Simon Barker (Regional Team Leader) and Clare Luxton (Development Worker East Anglia);
  • for the children and young people of Cromer; that they might take the opportunity that Mission offers to learn more about following Jesus.

Andrew Leake (CMS/Compassion)

This month, please pray:

Land for Life (Fundación REFUGIO)

  • for the wise and effective use of funds (USD 60,000) that we have been awarded to revamp the diocesan retreat centre where we hope, soon, to run a training program focusing on caring for creation;
  • for the presentations Andrew is giving on the results of a 10-year study mapping and documenting deforestation across the Chaco in Argentina. Audiences include government officials, academics, indigenous and “campesino” communities;
  • for preparations for a meeting with Latin American Bishops to discuss and take action on how churches can best respond to the effects of climate change (extreme weather events).

Compassion International

  • for Andrew in his research; for safety and a clear and analytical mind as he travels and conducts studies with churches across the globe.

Prison Fellowship and Reflex

This month, please pray:

  • Prison Fellowship: Pray for the volunteers who visit prisoners in our nearest prisons - HMP Norwich and HMP Bure. Some are lifers, some are sex offenders, some whose home is their cell and who will die there, some help chaplains lead services, Bible studies, Alpha courses etc. and others visit a prisoner because he/she has requested to talk one to one with somebody.
  • Reflex: Pray for Reflex workers in Young Offender Institutions that they will be sensitive, wise and approachable, and be able to get and relate to these young people who often see no purpose in life and feel the future is bleak and hopeless.

Bible Society

This month, please pray:

Michelle Proctor (SIM)

This month, please pray:

  • for the needs of Mukinge Mission Hospital, where Michelle works as a nurse anaesthetist;
  • for sufficient medical supplies to meet the needs of the patients;
  • for the rehabilitation of the water supply for the hospital, school and local area - the present system is old and the water needs to be boiled and filtered to prevent infection;
  • for the right people to fill staff vacancies;
  • for loving care and fruitful Christian witness to all the patients.

Canaan Christian Centre

This month, please continue to praise God:

  • for another mini bus driver, and another male role model at Kids Club;
  • for the Kids team - a good meeting and kids coming regularly.

Please pray:

  • for ’Love with no Limits’, how God's faith, hope and love change the goalposts of life with Marilyn Baker and Tracy Williamson: 5th - 7th June;
  • for Canaan’s continuing ministry through lunches and Kids Club.


This month, please continue to pray:

  • for South Sudan and Somalia and for the partners striving to bring aid to over 50,000 mothers and children; for health, protection and stamina for teams there, and in Ethiopia and Kenya;
  • for partners in Yemen working to reach thousands left without safe water, food or healthcare, following air-strikes, destroyed infrastructure, flooding and landslides last summer; that the food and hygiene kits will reduce the spread of deadly disease;
  • for those working in the UK, behind the scenes, in the offices in Belfast, Teddington, Glasgow and Llangefni; especially for God’s wisdom for those who travel out ahead of the teams to make travel arrangements and source accommodation for partners travelling into new areas.

Sara Prior-Sanderson (CMS/JEO)

This month, please pray:

  • for continued opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ through her work;
  • for preparations for travelling to the UK later this month and for her visit to Cromer in early June.

You can download your own copy of the monthly prayer requests leaflets by clicking here.