Mukinge Hospital (Copyright: volker_d)Our Mission Partner is Michelle Proctor who is working with SIM (Serving in Mission) at Mukinge Hospital in Zambia.

Michelle has a base in Cambridge. She trained as a paediatric nurse in London and attended All Souls Church. For almost 20 years, she has worked as a Member of SIM (Serving in Mission) at Mukinge Hospital in Zambia, Southern Africa, as a paediatric nurse and anaesthetist.

Mukinge Hospital is in the North Western Province of Zambia. It is a large general hospital with over 200 beds and is run by the Evangelical Church in Zambia, but it is also under the Zambian Government. The hospital management is mainly Zambian professionals. There is a busy outpatients department, two general wards, two paediatric wards, a maternity ward, a TB ward and an eye ward. The operating theatre is always busy and the surgeon and Michelle often have night calls. There are always challenges - including running out of blood for transfusions, dealing with broken equipment and sometimes running out of the most frequently used anaesthetic drugs - but God is faithful and the work continues.

Michelle at Land's End in 2012Mukinge also has a Nurse Training School where about 100 students receive a two-year training, leading to the national Zambian Enrolled Nurse qualification. The nurses in training attend Bible Classes run by senior staff (including Michelle) and many go on to have significant roles in their churches and to serve as Christian nurses in government hospitals after qualifying.

Michelle’s work has two strands. She has specialized in anaesthetics, and is part of the operating theatre team as one of the hospital’s anaesthetists. The other strand of her work is Member Care, looking after other SIM mission partners in the area. Her usual pattern of work is each week to spend three days with the theatre team, and two days in Member Care.  This involves quite a lot of hospitality; for instance, she has had another missionary staying with her while her house has been repaired. She is also involved in SIM decision-making in the country. In addition, she mentors other nurses and has a Bible study group, and prays with patients when she can.

All this she enjoys, but asks that we pray for wisdom, energy, good relationships, and a close walk with God.

You can folder download Michelle's newsletters here .


SIM logoLiz Bennett and Tim Britton are our Mission Partner Champions for Michelle Proctor. You can contact Tim for more information or to sign-up for Michelle's prayer letter. Michelle's work is our particular focus during the month of January.

We support ten Mission Partners. They are:

  • Michelle Proctor, working with Serving in Mission (SIM) at Mukinge Hospital in Zambia.  Her 'champions' are Liz Bennett and Tim Britton. (Focus month: January)
  • The Canaan Christian Centre in Sheringham. Canaan's Director and 'champion' is Evelyn Smith. (February)
  • Tearfund. Their 'champions' are Judith Anderson and Lynda Brown. (March)
  • Sara Prior-Sanderson (CMS).  Her champions are the Mission Action Group (April)
  • Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS), our patron. Their 'champion' is Liz Whitaker. (May)
  • London City Mission.  Their 'champion' is Elizabeth Bridger. (June)
  • Cromer Beach Mission. The Mission takes place in August in partnership with Scripture Union. Their 'champion' is David Orsborne. (July)
  • Andrew and Maria Leake working with CMS in Argentina and with Compassion. Their 'champion' is David Leake. (September)
  • Prison Fellowship and Reflex. Their 'champions' are Janet and Paul Rosier, respectively. (October)
  • Bible Society. Their 'champion' is David Orsborne. (November)

In August and December we focus on seasonal opportunities for mission. We encourage every member of the church family to consider how they can be involved in these, and in other mission opportunities throughout the year.

bible society logoWe live in a world where too many people don’t engage with the Bible.

In some parts of the world, the Bible is difficult to access or is simply not available. In this country, the Bible is readily available but has lost its significance, and its value is unrecognised by millions. Bible Society is working hard to change this. They take the Bible and find ways to translate and distribute it, create digital formats, champion its place in society and help people relate to it and make sense of it in their everyday lives.

For over 200 years, Bible Society has been working to bring the Bible to life. This mission drives a huge range of activities. In some parts of the world, bringing the Bible to life focuses on translation and distribution projects. Elsewhere it focuses on leadership training, or literacy programmes, or interfaith dialogue. In the UK, it focuses on helping people understand the importance of the Bible to our society, schools outreach (including Open the Book) and devotional resources.

All Bible Society’s efforts are driven by one firmly-held belief: that when people engage with the Bible, lives can change - for good. So let’s thank God that we are free to own and use the Bible, and to encounter Jesus through its pages; let’s commit to reading and valuing the Bible; and to living out Bible truth. And let’s actively support Bible Society in their work, helping to keep the Bible’s message alive as part of our legacy for future generations.

Visit for more information.

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PF and Reflex logos

Prison Fellowship exists to offer every UK prisoner access to support and prayer. Our two local prisons - HMP Norwich and HMP Bure (Coltishall) are prayed for regularly, and volunteers help run Bible Studies, Alpha courses, chapel services, and visit prisoners. Prison Fellowship run three major programmes: Sycamore Tree – a victim-awareness programme addressing restorative justice, exploring the impact on victims, offenders, and the community; Angel Tree - supporting prisoners’ families by raising funds to provide Christmas presents for their children, accompanied by a personal greeting from the parent for their child; and letter writing by volunteers enabling prisoners to feel valued and supported in custody. Over 150 trained volunteers write to prisoners. See for details.

Reflex, a ministry of British Youth for Christ, works with over 1600 young people in custody every year. It empowers them to break the cycle of offending. See for details.

We also support PrisonHOPE

Prison Hope logo

Prisons Week - 8th to 14th October 2017 - enables us all to share in the prayer support of prisons, prisoners, staff, chaplains and volunteers. You can add your support by using the resources on the Prisons Week website.

Prison Fellowship and Reflex are our Mission Partner focus for the month of October. Prison Fellowship and Reflex are championed by Janet and Paul Rosier respectively. You can contact them for further information.

cms logo webAndrew and Maria Leake serve with the Anglican Church in Northern Argentina. They work in environmental mission, sharing the Good News through addressing environmental needs and social justice among the poor in northern Argentina.

Deforestation, caused by the expansion of agro-industry into the dry tropical forests of the Chaco, is undermining the livelihoods and well-being of ever larger numbers of poor rural communities. Their voices are deliberately silenced or simply unheard in the rush to clear the forest and convert land to planting soya. Andrew and Maria run a local charity, Land for Life, which aims to equip churches and communities with information so that they can have a voice and, thereby, a better chance in their campaigns to protect their local environments. The Gospel becomes visible to those affected by environmental threats as the church seeks to transform unjust structures, challenge violence of every kind and pursue peace and reconciliation.

Andrew shares his working time between CMS and Compassion International, and is also a member of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network (ACEN), which supports bishops around the world to develop and strengthen local initiatives to help congregations cope with climate change.

We have a long association with the Leake family. Andrew's grandfather, Alfred, went to Argentina more than 90 years ago as missionary to the Toba people. This ministry was continued by Andrew's father, David, who served as the Anglican bishop in Salta from 1963. Deforestation was not such a big issue at that time. The major problem was that the indigenous people were not recognised as citizens, so much of David's ministry was supporting them in their struggles with officialdom. Andrew took up the ministry in 1999. The need for advocacy is now more urgent than ever, and Andrew has recently written a book with his daughter, Cecilia, who is the fourth generation of Leakes engaged in this drawn-out struggle for land rights for the Toba and Wichi peoples.


The work of Andrew and Maria Leake is our particular focus in the month of September. Their Mission Partner Champion is Bishop David Leake, Andrew's father, who also worked for many years in Argentina. You can contact him here.