We are delighted to have been elected as the Churchwardens of Cromer Church with St Martin’s for the forthcoming year. We will attend the Archdeacon’s Visitation on Tuesday 5th June where we will make the solemn declaration to formally begin this year of being Churchwardens. We would welcome your prayers as we take the oath.

We would like to express our sincere ‘thank you’ to Alison Orsborne for her six years as Churchwarden. She has worked tirelessly to fulfil this role through challenging times, and we are very grateful to her for her ministry. As in every walk of life, we are only where we are because of what people have done before us, and as Churchwardens for the coming year, we plan to build on what has gone before us, so thank you very much Alison for everything you have done.

As the Bishop’s representatives, our Churchwarden role has three main components:

  • to be responsible for legal and financial aspects of church life including overseeing the maintenance and development of the church buildings and their contents;
  • to care for and encourage the incumbent and the whole church membership in ministry and mission, within and beyond the parish;
  • and to make a key contribution to the strategic leadership of the church as we discern God’s vision for the church in the parish.

That’s quite a role description! Please pray for us, and work with us, as we seek to serve God in this place.

David Loades and Jackie Austin