Get involved in the 40 Acts Challenge! This Lent, Cromer Church is, again, taking on the 40 Acts challenge. 40 Acts is a generosity challenge that runs throughout Lent, created by the charity Stewardship, and the aim is to encourage those who take part around the world to live Lent generously through daily acts of kindness. During 2018, 100,000 individuals and thousands of groups took the 40 Acts challenge, creating a wave of more than four million generous acts in 180 countries around the world over 40 days.

40 Acts Individual Challenges It’s easy to register with just your name and an email address at You will receive a daily email with a generosity challenge (an ‘act’) and short Bible-based blog sent straight to your inbox. Each act is designed to give you practical ways to stretch your faith as well as your generosity. If daily challenges to your inbox isn't for you, you could either team up with someone else and work on the challenges together (which is great for 'being family' and for support and accountability) or download the family wallchart and work through the challenges from that. (The challenges aren't quite the same as the emailed ones, but the principles are the same.)

Also, as a church, we are going to join together in a variety of generous ways to bless our community. If you would like to get involved alongside your fellow small group members, church friends and family then come along and join in with one or more of these activities. It's a great way to engage with the wider commumity and encourage us to #LiveMission. We're also encouraging those who take part to share their good news stories on social media using the hashtags: #40Acts #Cromer40Acts #LoveCromer #LiveMission

40acts Church Challenges for 2019

Week 1 - Wednesday 6th March - #Pledge

  • We'll be giving out Love Heart sweets outside the Parish Church to promote the 40acts Challenge.

Week 2 - Tuesday 12th March - #ChocolateTuesday

  • The challenge of to encourage people by blessing their workplace or neighbourhood with a chocolatey gift.

Week 3 - Tuesday 19th March - #PrayerCircle

  • The challenge is to provide a listening ear - including an opportunity for prayer - with hot refreshments outside the Parish Church and/or around Cromer.

Week 4 - Thursday 28th March - #CloseToHome

  • This event has been cancelled.

Week 5 - Saturday 6th April - #ClearTheDiary

  • The challenge is to let other peoples' needs drive your day by offering practical help in the local community (Details to be confirmed).

Week 6 - Friday 12th April - #FoodbankFriday

  • The challenge is to encourage shoppers at a local supermarket to give a little extra in support of their local Food-bank.

Week 7 - Saturday 20th April - #Deliver

  • The challenge is to promote Easter by giving away free Easter Eggs and inviting people to our Sunday services.