Women’s World Day of Prayer 2018 is Friday 2nd March. Remember New Year's Eve, when the firework display started in Australia and spread north until it reached us some ten hours later? A similar event takes place with the Women's World Day of Prayer. It starts in Samoa and spreads all over the world with over 5,000 services in 95 languages and 1000 dialects. The service in Cromer will be held on Friday 2nd March at the Methodist Church (on the corner of West Street and Hall Road) from 2.00 - 3.00 p.m. and will be followed by refreshments. The women of Suriname have prepared this year's service entitled "All God's creation is very good". We are asked to pray for conservation and the protection of wildlife, through an awareness of pollution, misuse and abuse, as well as for Suriname's concerns for the future. The service consists of a programme of hymns, songs, readings and thoughts for everyone who cares about our world and those who live in it, and we invite you to join us. Everyone is welcome.