Sara is serving the people of Israel and the Palestinian territories as a Christian witness to Jesus’ love and compassion for all people.

She writes: “As I journey with the Lord, I find that he frequently challenges me to do things I have not previously considered. Recently, God’s challenge has been in areas of creativity.”

“I work in a Muslim majority area, near a girls’ school, and many people look in our shop windows as they pass, so it’s a great opportunity for witness. Christmas gave us an opportunity to do something different, and I was put in charge of the nativity scene for the shop window. We wanted to attract people into the shop so that they would meet us and ask questions, so decided to tap into the fascination for ‘selfies’ and decided that the best way to encourage people in, particularly the girls from the school, would be to have a Christmas photo booth. It was very successful and really encouraged people to come in and meet us.”

“I have now been asked to create something for Easter, which is a real challenge. Islam does not believe in the crucifixion and there is a fine line as to what I can put in the window that will challenge but not cause offence. I’ll let you know how I get on!”

Sara’s latest link letter is available at our worship centres. Please take one if you’re interested. Also, Sara is visiting the UK in June and we look forward to catching up with her then. In the meantime, you can give online to support Sara’s work at


Sara's work is our particular focus in the month of April. Sara's champions are the Mission Action Group and her Cromer Church Small Group.