tearfund logo"Following Jesus where the need is greatest"

Founded in 1968 as The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund, Tearfund is a Christian relief and development agency committed to eradicating poverty in the poorest 45 countries of the world.

More than 75,000 churches are already partnered with Tearfund both in the UK and these countries to deliver programmes which bring practical help and show Jesus love to all, irrespective of faith or race. By working through these partner churches, Tearfund believes that needs of local communities can be closely met, and financial and practical resources protected and targeted to greatest need.

Tearfund works in over 50 countries, transforming the lives of the poorest communities, regardless of race, gender, nationality, or religion.

Tearfund works through local church partners who best know the local needs, giving donors the assurance that their money directly reaches those in greatest need. These local church partners are committed to professional standards and accountability in all areas of their work.

Tearfund believes that help is best given through community involvement, enabling people to release themselves from crippling poverty, through loans for small businesses, micro-enterprise, and self help groups, and to support long term sustainable projects.

Tearfund is part of the UK Disaster Emergency Committee, and local churches are best placed to assist with crisis relief, but also concentrates on preventative measures to enable communities to foresee disaster, by changing agricultural practices to more sustainable and drought resistant crops, and rebuilding homes in safer locations.

Tearfund is committed to eradicating HIV/AIDS, bonded and child labour, slavery, and climate change, through campaigning and advocacy work.

People of all ages are encouraged to participate in short, and longer term mission.

Cromer Church has a long history of support for Tearfund, and last year’s carol services raised over £2,000 through voluntary collections.

We have a bi-monthly prayer meeting for the work of Tearfund, details of which can be found in the Welcome sheet. We would love more people to join us !


The work of Tearfund is our particular focus in the month of March. Bruce Hemmant and Judith Anderson are our Tearfund Champions.  You can contact them here or visit the Tearfund website here.

We support nine Mission Partners. They are:

  • Michelle Proctor, working with Serving in Mission (SIM) at Mukinge Hospital in Zambia.  Her 'champions' are Liz Bennett and Tim Britton. (Focus month: January)
  • Canaan Christian Centre in Sheringham. Canaan's Director and 'champion' is Evelyn Smith. (February)
  • Tear Fund.  Their 'champions' are Bruce Hemmant and Judith Anderson. (March)
  • Sara Prior-Sanderson (CMS).  Her champions are the Mission Action Group (April) 
  • Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS), our patron.  Their 'champion' is Liz Whitaker. (May)
  • London City Mission.  Their 'champion' is Elizabeth Bridger. (June)
  • Cromer Scripture Union Beach Mission. The Mission takes place in August. Their 'champion' is David Orsborne. (July)
  • Andrew and Maria Leake working with SAMS/CMS in Argentina. Their 'champion' is David Leake. (September)
  • Prison Fellowship and Reflex. Their 'champions' are Janet and Paul Rosier, respectively. (October)
  • Bible Society. Their 'champion' is David Orsborne. (November)

In August and December we focus on seasonal opportunities for mission. We encourage every member of the church family to consider how they can be involved in these, and in other mission opportunities throughout the year.

smith evelynThe Canaan Christian Centre
"Touching lives with God's love."

“Touching lives with the love of God” is the motto of the Canaan Christian Centre. At Christmas, one of our ex-residents was in contact with a gentleman whose wife had been moved into a different residential home to him. Over Christmas Day, visitors were not allowed as there were not enough staff, so she brought him to the Canaan celebrations. Children, families, food and music heralded his entrance, and he began to cry. He was thrilled. The music changed to carols, and he sang lustily and cried again. He experienced God’s love in action.

Other lives were touched in the orphanages and at Kanaan Haz in Hungary, as gifts were distributed. Take a look at the mission board. Ukraine, with temperatures of -30, and Gypsy children who had no shoes were provided with them. A big thank you to all volunteers who helped, gave, prayed and supported Canaan last year.

We desperately need minibus drivers (and maybe a replacement bus!) for Kids Club, which reaches over 20 unchurched youngsters. Praise God for them. A boy who lived at Canaan trusted Jesus at the age of 7 in Kids Club was baptised on Sunday. (He is 14 now.) Thank God for him and for others like him. Why not get involved, yourself? It’s hard work, but inspiring too, as we see lives touched and transformed by Jesus.


Evelyn Smith is founder and Director of Canaan, and their Mission Partner Champion. You can contact Evelyn here. The work of the Canaan Christian Centre is our particular focus in the month of February and you can read the latest Canaan newsletter here.

Canaan Christian Centre
21, Holt Road, Sheringham NR26 8NB
Registered Charity No: 284117

Michelle at Land's End in 2012Michelle is a nurse working with SIM (Serving In Mission) - an international, interdenominational mission society - in Mukinge Hospital, Zambia. She visited us in the summer when she was on leave, and returned to Mukinge in September.

Michelle’s work has two strands. She has specialized in anaesthetics, and is part of the operating theatre team as one of the hospital’s anaesthetists. The other strand of her work is Member Care, looking after other SIM mission partners in the area. Her usual pattern of work is each week to spend three days with the theatre team, and two days in Member Care. However, when she arrived back in Zambia her anaesthetics colleague went on leave, so Michelle had long hours on duty, and needed to be on call. During that time she faced quite a few challenges - running out of blood for transfusions, dealing with a broken ventilator, and running out of the most frequently used anaesthetic drugs. She is grateful for God’s provision!

Now her colleague is back, she has returned to her normal working pattern. The Member Care involves quite a lot of hospitality; for instance, she has had another missionary staying with her while her house has been repaired. She is also involved in SIM decision-making in the country. In addition, she mentors other nurses and has a Bible study group, and prays with patients when she can. All this she enjoys - but pray for wisdom, energy, good relationships, and a close walk with God.

You can read Michelle's newsletters here.

Bible Society logoWe live in a world where too many people don’t engage with the Bible.

In some parts of the world, the Bible is difficult to access or is simply not available. In this country, the Bible is readily available but has lost its significance, and its value is unrecognised by millions. Bible Society is working hard to change this. They take the Bible and find ways to translate and distribute it, create digital formats, champion its place in society and help people relate to it and make sense of it in their everyday lives.

For over 200 years, Bible Society has been working to bring the Bible to life. This mission drives a huge range of activities. In some parts of the world, bringing the Bible to life focuses on translation and distribution projects. Elsewhere it focuses on leadership training, or literacy programmes, or interfaith dialogue. In the UK, it focuses on helping people understand the importance of the Bible to our society, schools outreach (including Open the Book) and devotional resources.

All Bible Society’s efforts are driven by one firmly-held belief: that when people engage with the Bible, lives can change - for good. So let’s thank God that we are free to own and use the Bible, and to encounter Jesus through its pages; let’s commit to reading and valuing the Bible; and to living out Bible truth. And let’s actively support Bible Society in their work, helping to keep the Bible’s message alive as part of our legacy for future generations.

Visit www.biblesociety.org.uk for more information.

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