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LCM has been working to meet the needs of London’s poorest and least-reached people for 182 years and has historic links with Cromer Church.

Its 90 full-time missionaries work among schools, youth clubs, care homes, prisons, street women, the homeless, addicts, refugees and asylum seekers, travellers, people of other faiths and races, and many work with churches.

  • Please pray for energy, wisdom, perseverance and protection as some often face opposition and violence.

Everywhere there are serious mental health problems: one million Londoners experience mental health issues in a year including 100,000 children and young people; only 25% of these will get treatment and their life expectancy is reduced by 15-25 years. Most street women have mental health problems.

  • Please pray that the Holy Spirit will enable Christians to lead the way in addressing these mental health needs.

The vast mix of cultures and faiths present great challenges and opportunities for the Gospel.

  • Please pray for missionaries to present sensitively the.unique claims of Jesus to be the way to the Father.
  • Please pray that they will convey the saving love of Jesus to all, especially the lonely, despairing and the marginalised.
  • Please pray for those who show interest in the Gospel but gel led astray by extremists.
  • Please pray for wisdom as the Mission explores the best option for redeveloping the Headquarters building, to increase its usefulness,practically and financially for the future.
  • Please pray for the visit of four missionaries to North Norfolk, two of them to the Parish Church and St Martin’s on SUnday 11th June.


London City Mission works "on the front line, taking the message of Jesus to London’s least reached."  Visit the LCM website to find further information about their work.  London City Mission is our particular mission focus in the month of June and is championed by Elizabeth Bridger. You can contact Elizabeth here.

We support nine Mission Partners. They are:

  • Michelle Proctor, working with Serving in Mission (SIM) at Mukinge Hospital in Zambia.  Her 'champions' are Liz Bennett and Tim Britton. (Focus month: January)
  • The Canaan Christian Centre in Sheringham. Canaan's Director and 'champion' is Evelyn Smith. (February)
  • Tearfund. Their 'champions' are Judith Anderson and Lynda Brown. (March)
  • Sara Prior-Sanderson (CMS).  Her champions are the Mission Action Group (April)
  • Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS), our patron. Their 'champion' is Liz Whitaker. (May)
  • London City Mission.  Their 'champion' is Elizabeth Bridger. (June)
  • Cromer Scripture Union Beach Mission. The Mission takes place in August. Their 'champion' is David Orsborne. (July)
  • Andrew and Maria Leake working with CMS in Argentina and with Compassion. Their 'champion' is David Leake. (September)
  • Prison Fellowship and Reflex. Their 'champions' are Janet and Paul Rosier, respectively. (October)
  • Bible Society. Their 'champion' is David Orsborne. (November)

In August and December we focus on seasonal opportunities for mission. We encourage every member of the church family to consider how they can be involved in these, and in other mission opportunities throughout the year.

CPAS logoLooking at the prayer requests in this month’s CPAS Prayer Diary, they remind us of the three main thrusts of the Society’s work: reaching young people with the Gospel through the Ventures and Falcon Camps programme, supporting Patronage churches, and equipping church leaders for mission.

As summer approaches, we’re asked to pray for all the preparations being made for the Falcon Camps, which cater especially for youngsters coming from difficult home circumstances. Pray that the teaching programmes are faithful to the Gospel and are creatively delivered so the truth about Jesus really appeals to the young people.

One of the Society’s Patronage churches is based in Hull city centre and is playing an active role in Hull’s year as UK City of Culture. About 100 cultural events are taking place in the church so its visibility in the city is enormous. Pray for all the opportunities this opens up for the Gospel to be proclaimed.

CPAS is becoming more and more involved in the training of church leaders, both before and after their ordination. On 25th May, it is hosting a symposium on the subject of “Formation for Leadership” to discuss which leadership topics might be most helpfully covered at different stages in the training for the ordained ministry. Pray that all training and teaching will help equip church leaders to demonstrate and share the love of Jesus in communities nationwide.

If you want to know more about CPAS or order the Prayer Diary and Catalyst magazine, go to the CPAS website or contact Liz Whitaker using the links below.


The work of CPAS, who are our Patrons, is our particular focus in the month of May. The CPAS website is here. Their champion at Cromer Church is Liz Whitaker. You can contact her here.

Sara is serving the people of Israel and the Palestinian territories as a Christian witness to Jesus’ love and compassion for all people.

She writes: “As I journey with the Lord, I find that he frequently challenges me to do things I have not previously considered. Recently, God’s challenge has been in areas of creativity.”

“I work in a Muslim majority area, near a girls’ school, and many people look in our shop windows as they pass, so it’s a great opportunity for witness. Christmas gave us an opportunity to do something different, and I was put in charge of the nativity scene for the shop window. We wanted to attract people into the shop so that they would meet us and ask questions, so decided to tap into the fascination for ‘selfies’ and decided that the best way to encourage people in, particularly the girls from the school, would be to have a Christmas photo booth. It was very successful and really encouraged people to come in and meet us.”

“I have now been asked to create something for Easter, which is a real challenge. Islam does not believe in the crucifixion and there is a fine line as to what I can put in the window that will challenge but not cause offence. I’ll let you know how I get on!”

Sara’s latest link letter is available at our worship centres. Please take one if you’re interested. Also, Sara is visiting the UK in June and we look forward to catching up with her then. In the meantime, you can give online to support Sara’s work at


Sara's work is our particular focus in the month of April. Sara's champions are the Mission Action Group and her Cromer Church Small Group.

tearfund logo"Following Jesus where the need is greatest"

Founded in 1968 as The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund, Tearfund is a Christian relief and development agency committed to eradicating poverty in the poorest 45 countries of the world.

More than 75,000 churches are already partnered with Tearfund both in the UK and these countries to deliver programmes which bring practical help and show Jesus love to all, irrespective of faith or race. By working through these partner churches, Tearfund believes that needs of local communities can be closely met, and financial and practical resources protected and targeted to greatest need.

Tearfund works in over 50 countries, transforming the lives of the poorest communities, regardless of race, gender, nationality, or religion.

Tearfund works through local church partners who best know the local needs, giving donors the assurance that their money directly reaches those in greatest need. These local church partners are committed to professional standards and accountability in all areas of their work.

Tearfund believes that help is best given through community involvement, enabling people to release themselves from crippling poverty, through loans for small businesses, micro-enterprise, and self help groups, and to support long term sustainable projects.

Tearfund is part of the UK Disaster Emergency Committee, and local churches are best placed to assist with crisis relief, but also concentrates on preventative measures to enable communities to foresee disaster, by changing agricultural practices to more sustainable and drought resistant crops, and rebuilding homes in safer locations.

Tearfund is committed to eradicating HIV/AIDS, bonded and child labour, slavery, and climate change, through campaigning and advocacy work.

People of all ages are encouraged to participate in short, and longer term mission.

Cromer Church has a long history of support for Tearfund, and last year’s carol services raised over £2,000 through voluntary collections.

We have a bi-monthly prayer meeting for the work of Tearfund, details of which can be found in the Welcome sheet. We would love more people to join us !


The work of Tearfund is our particular focus in the month of March. Bruce Hemmant and Judith Anderson are our Tearfund Champions.  You can contact them here or visit the Tearfund website here.