April Leader

Photo of James and Katie Porter‘Cromer Church - Transforming Lives with Jesus Christ.'

‘Transforming Lives with Jesus Christ’ is our Purpose as a church - why we believe we are here - that we clarified in early 2016. It forms the basis of our 2025 Vision, to see hundreds of lives transformed by Jesus over the next nine years.

'Cromer Church' is how we have begun, increasingly, to refer to ourselves over the last few years, both internally and externally, and it is important, as we move forward, that  how we present ourselves clearly articulates 'who we are', particularly to those we are seeking to reach with Jesus.  Our logo is integral to this, expressing our identify and focus as a church, n a culture where branding is increasingly important for communication.

On Sunday 2nd April, we are, therefore, launching a new logo for Cromer Church, agreed by PCC back in November, that will replace our current logo and terminology (Cromer Parish Church with St Martin’s). Over the next few weeks, you will see this change on notice boards, on publicity materials and on everything we produce, send out and use as Cromer Church. There's more about this in an announcement I will give at each service on Sunday 2nd April - from Monday 3rd, you will be able to listen to that announcement on our Podcasts page.

We believe this change in terminology to Cromer Church is a helpful and positive one for the future. It clearly defines us as people (Cromer Church) with something to offer those around us, rather than defining ourselves by the buildings in which we meet (Cromer Parish Church with St Martin’s). It clearly states that we are one church (one people) as the Anglican church in Cromer, whether we meet at St Martin’s, the Parish Church or even at the Parish Hall, creating greater unity as we serve together around a common Purpose and Vision. On a simple level, it is shorter and simpler (only 2 words long), helping people to remember and recognise who we are. And finally, it enables us to refer to our three buildings - St Martin’s, the Parish Church and the Parish Hall - as venues for events we put on as part of being Cromer Church.

So, please look out for our new logo over the coming days, as we seek to communicate, in the best way that we can that, as Cromer Church, we have the best news anyone can offer - transformation of life with Jesus. As we think of such transformation, I want to encourage you with the positive responses we have had, so far, from our community through the 40 Acts initiatives. There are some great stories that Simon will share with us in due course. Also, it was so encouraging last Sunday morning to see people of all ages engage with a God who loves us all deeply, both at our Parish Church 10.45 service - as visitors and regulars alike immersed themselves in various interactive activities for Mothering Sunday and a Baptism - and at St Martin’s - as Café Church welcomed many families from midweek missional groups. With ‘Experience Easter’ at St Martin’s this last Wednesday, that engaged children from Suffield Park Infants School with the great news of the Easter story, and the Junior school coming for an Easter service at the Parish Church last Friday, we have already had some truly amazing opportunities as Cromer Church to share the transforming news of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. What a privilege we have!

Of course, as Easter approaches, we have many more opportunities to share the great news of Jesus, from simple acts of kindness through to ‘giving a reason for the hope that we have’ (1 Peter 3:15). Continue to pray for who you could invite to one of our Easter events, and then use one of our Easter invitation cards for Good Friday or Easter Sunday to ask them, because the good news of Jesus is not to be kept to ourselves, but is to be shared with everyone.

‘Cromer Church - transforming lives with Jesus Christ’. By the grace of God, may this be increasingly true.

James and Katie