The Parish Church has stood at the centre of Cromer for well over 600 years, though Cromer Church is not primarily its buildings but its people. We are a people who have discovered the good news and transforming power of Jesus and are living to share that with others as we seek to live lives that bring glory to God and to "transform lives with Jesus Christ.”

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Who we are

We are Cromer Church; an Anglican church in the Church of England Diocese of Norwich. We have two church buildings: the Parish Church (dedicated to St Peter and St Paul) in the town centre and St Martin's in Mill Road, in the Suffield Park area of town.

Our tradition is evangelical, but finding the right terms to describe us more fully is not easy. Each of our Sunday services has a different feel and we have consciously tried to avoid using the ‘party’ labels when explaining who we are. We take the Bible seriously as God’s Word and are increasingly open to the work of the Holy Spirit in worship and ministry. We are expectant about God’s future plans for us and have begun to explore and develop new ways of serving and reaching out to the community.

We aspire to be generous, gracious and welcoming. Many people come to us because of our emphasis on strong, evangelical preaching and teaching; others because of our style of worship. Many more come simply because we are their local church. We value their contribution, regardless of age or background, and we invite all who 'love the Lord a little and want to love Him more' to take bread and wine at Communion. We are not perfect, but are striving to be an authentic Christian community, shaped by God’s Word and open to His Spirit, for this part of north Norfolk in the 21st Century.

If that is the kind of Church you would like to be part of, then we would love to have you with us!


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What we believe (Our Core Beliefs)

We believe that we are called to be:


We believe God made everything, sustains everything and provides us with everything we have. We therefore are dependent on Him for all things. This should be seen through lifestyles of worship, where we put God first in our individual lives and our community life. Because we are reliant on God, prayer should be at the heart of our life together, as we trust God for all things and step out in faith for all that He asks us to do.


We believe Jesus is the Son of God, who reveals God to us. Through his perfect life, his death in our place, and his resurrection from the dead, we can be saved from our sin and its consequences through believing and trusting in all Jesus has done. In him we find true life, both now and for eternity. Our lives, therefore, should be totally centred on the person of Jesus Christ, as we follow him and live for him.


We believe that God is active in his world today through His Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who is at work as we choose to follow Jesus, and as we seek to live fully for Jesus in response to his great love for us. The Spirit produces God’s fruit in our lives, equips us with gifts to serve others, and empowers us to live and witness for Jesus in His world. We therefore seek to be led by the Spirit in all we do, in order to be obedient to God for our future.


We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, with ultimate authority over what we do. Through it, God has revealed Himself and His plans and purposes for our lives and His world. God’s Spirit takes the truth of God’s Word, and applies it deep into our lives, equipping us for everything we need to do. The Bible, therefore, provides the basis for our life together.


We believe that God calls us to join in with his mission in the world. Our role is to share Jesus with everyone around us, through our whole lives. Mission is not an add-on extra for the church, but the prime reason we exist, so that others will know God’s love and respond to him. Since we now live in a post-Christian culture, everything we do needs to be done through the lens of mission.